About Bullet Chinese

Why is it so fast?

BCI (Bullet.Chinese.Intensive) is the fastest way to learn Chinese. It offers a revolutionary methodology whereby students first learn to grasp the entire Chinese language structure - so the course will be like a bullet train ride.

What will you learn?

You will learn all the basic Chinese grammar to speak Chinese with confidence and limited vocabulary - which usually takes months using conventional courses (but with our course only requires 24-48 hours of lessons).

So hold on tight and fasten your seat belt - you have NEVER learned a language this fast before. But this time you will - thanks to these facts:

Fact 1

A 5-year old Chinese kid knows very few vocabulary words, knows no Chinese characters, yet speaks fluent Chinese. So if kids can do it, you can also!

Fact 2

The Chinese language structure is actually quite similar to that of English - but much simpler, so it's much easier to learn than you may think.

Fact 3

Just because someone is Chinese it doesn't mean he/she can help you learn fast - because very few people understand the structure of their own native language, but WE do and know how to explain it in a clear and simple way.

Fact 4

It's very rare to find perfectly bi-lingual teachers who understand the structure of both English and Chinese. Bullet Chinese was developed by such teachers based on a very unique methodology.



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Why Choose BulletChinese

Learn Anywhere, Anytime

Learn Chinese without attending any school so you can be anywhere in the world and even be wearing pajamas the whole time.

Extremely Low Cost

Compared to learning offline, the cost for you to take BulletChinese online lessons is much, much cheaper.

Control Your Own Pace

You control your own learning pace and schedule.


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